Silas est une mini-série allemande en 6 épisodes diffusée en 1981 sur la ZDF et en 1982 sur Antenne 2. Silas est un jeune garçon âgé de 13 ans qui s'enfuit d'un cirque où il est maltraité. L'aventure le mènera jusqu'à Honfleur....Voir à 0,23 minute, 10 minutes 48 et suivantes, 18 minutes 35 et 20 minutes 25 jusqu'à la fin.

Silas - Deel 11

Silas was a 1981 ZDF Adventure TV mini series. Some scenes shot in Honfleur.

As a little child Silas  was sold to a circus where he learned to pull stunts and tricks from early on. This comes in handy when he decides to rather live an adventurous life on his own than to be trained in the dangerous art of sword swallowing. Also being threatened by director Philipp  that the sinews of his feet would be cut just in order to prevent him from running away, it occurs to him it is now or never and off he goes. A farmer called Bartolin (Shmuel Rodensky) gives him shelter but underestimates the boy's skills and carelessly bets him his horse. Bartolin cannot accept the outcome of this bet and so Silas is on the run again. Getting hungry he accepts a meal provided by swindler Emanuel (André Lacombe) and his likewise rogue wife Theresa (Reine Barteve). They use a strong barbiturate on Silas and disappear with his horse. After Silas awakens in a boat on a river he sees Philipp trying to steal fresh milk from a blind girl. When the girl's mother arrives Philipp puts the blame on Silas, who as a result finds himself in a wooden cage. He has to find a way to gain the family's trust if he wants to escape. While searching for his horse he mets the scallywag Godik (Lucki Molocher) who helps him to retrieve the animal. They stick together, both trying to make a living on what they've learned. Silas shows circus tricks and Godik works as a carver. Yet Silas gets into trouble again because he and Godik stumble across a treasure hidden by smugglers. Hunted by the smuggler's gang they run into homeless young Jenny (Nina Rothemund) who is running from an unsavory woman called Corby (Ingeborg Lapsien). Silas, Godik and Jenny reach a town where Silas gets the idea of buying a bear with money from the smugger's treasue. The citizens decide to investigate him over theft. He finds himself in prison with Corby who once abducted Jenny. Eventually he learns that Jenny is not really an orphan. Silas and Godik return Jenny to her family. Then Silas accompanies his friend Godik to his family. The lost son Godik his heartily welcomed and so is Silas, but Silas doesn't feel safe and believes his presence is endangering his new friends. On the road again he makes new friends - he saves merchant Sandal (Hans Helmut Dickow) and later also his son Japetus (Armin Schawe) from harm. But Corby has followed him. She teams up with some other low-lifes who eventually capture Silas and Japetus for ransom. Sandal's employee Karneol (Jacques van Dooren) saves them. Corby and her gang are imprisoned. Silas finally feels saves and returns to Godik and his family Extract WIKIPEDIA).